Strategic Planning

Does your business have a clear strategy of where it is going and how it is going to get there? 

The first element of any business strategy is to know exactly where you are now, as only by knowing this can you plan your journey forward. 

The second element of strategic planning is to know where you want to be at some stage in the future. 

Where you are now and where you want to be shouldn’t be the same, and so business strategic planning is about setting an overall framework to move the business forward into the future, bridging the gap between your current position and future vision. 

Detailed operational planning will not be undertaken at this stage, but for strategic planning to be effective it should include assessment of alternative future scenarios, significant areas of risk and a high level view of the future financial forecasts relating to the business. 

Any agreed strategic plan should form the basis of future business plans which will then be developed with a view to delivering the agreed business strategy. 

Strategic plans, like all plans should be living documents and regularly reviewed to ensure they are valid, viable and are key to driving the business forward.  We are able to work with you to facilitate and develop robust strategic plans to give your business a clear direction for the future. 

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