Social Enterprise

Social Enterprises are businesses which trade for social and/or environmental purposes.  We have worked with in excess of 100 social enterprises, dealing with more than £3 million of new investment.  In addition we have supported social enterprises in a wide variety of ways including: 

Although social enterprises are primarily driven by social or environmental aims, all are businesses and so must be financially sustainable and make a profit.  In that way a social enterprise is no different to a private business, although it is easy to lose sight of this when profit is not explicitly seen as the main motive. 

The services we provide to social enterprises are the same as those offered to private businesses.  In addition, through our experience of working within the sector, directly with companies and support organisations including Key Fund Yorkshire, we are able to balance the social aims of the business with the requirement for long term financial sustainability.  We know that through long term financial sustainability you are able to invest more in the social aims you set out to achieve.

We understand social aims, and will work with you on financial sustainability so you are able to achieve these

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