Capital Project Investment

As your business grows you will inevitably be faced with decisions about making investments in new plant and machinery, premises etc.  These decisions should not be taken lightly as large sums of money may be involved and such decisions are likely to make a significant impact upon the future of the business. 

We have significant experience in this area where we are able to: 

  • Assess the proposed investment plus any suitable alternatives
  • Evaluate appropriate alternative sources of funding for the proposal
  • Provide advice on subsequent financial project management and fixed asset control
  • In conjunction with yourselves, undertake a risk assessment of various aspects of the project including future income levels, expenditure levels, cost of the project and any finance charges. 

We will work with you to ensure that as far as possible any major investment you undertake is done after consideration of all factors and is the right one for your business.  

For an initial discussion call George Watts on 01302 842831 or use our contact page