Business Planning

A business plan covers a shorter period of time than a strategic plan, generally being for a period of 12 months, covering all aspects of business operations and performance.  A business plan is set within the context of the overall business strategy, being much more detailed so as to:

  • Provide an operational plan for all areas of the business for the coming period
  • Set challenging but realistic targets to drive the business forward
  • Ensure different areas of the business are clear about their responsibilities in delivering the whole plan and are held to account against them
  • Provide a means of determining staff reward
  • Provide a view of the business to the outside world, especially when seeking to raise finance

There are many different types of planning models available on the internet and other sources, so please find attached a link to two we regularly use.

Business Planning Models

The business plan will normally form the basis of the budgets and budgetary control systems for the period being covered.

Business plans should be living documents, regularly reviewed to ensure they are current and are being used to drive the organisation in the right direction.  Each business plan will be bespoke to each organisation and the specific purpose for which it is required.  We have extensive experience of the production of robust business plans for a wide variety of purposes, including investment ready plans where we have successfully assisted organisations to raise finance

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