Business Navigator

 Growth Compass

What do we mean by business navigator services?

What we deliver is tailored to each business.  We use the analogy of the business owner being the Captain of their ship which is on a journey, and we work alongside the captain as their Business Navigator.  We help businesses :

  • to see where they are
  • plan for where they want to go
  • by providing them with navigational aids so they can track their journey and correct course when things don’t go to plan
  • work more efficiently
  • identify and avoid the icebergs
  • to arrive at their destination safely before setting off on the next journey

 The emphasis is on knowing where you are and looking forward to the future. 

Everything is tailored to your business and what you will require will depend upon where you are on the journey.  Being Chartered Management Accountants with over 25 years of broad management experience we bring that experience to your business and have both a management and financial approach.  We produce the accounts and tax returns and provide appropriate advice as you would expect, but we also work closely alongside business owners and managers to plan and take their business forward, with a clear emphasis on navigation and looking forward.  In many ways it’s a service that is similar to the role of a Finance Director in a large plc, but it’s tailored to all types of businesses, from start up through to medium and large companies 

The results directly depend on what we do.  We’ve helped businesses clarify their direction, simplified systems to make things easier, improved management information and given owners a clearer view of where they are, produced accounts quicker (including earlier production of annual accounts), helped businesses raise finance, increased their profits and reduced their tax.  In addition, by working closely alongside people we’ve learnt about their business and then helped them develop their own business skills, so they are more in control of both their business and their life.

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