Access to Finance

At some stage in their existence most organisations will require access to and the support of external financial support.  This may come in many forms including: 

  • Own funds
  • Family and friends
  • Business angels / venture capitalists
  • Long term lending
  • Assets financing (leasing / contract hire)
  • Invoice discounting
  • Short term lending
  • Bank overdrafts

The types and sources of finance are numerous, with each having its advantages, disadvantages and associated costs.  However, the earlier it is known that some form of external finance is required then the easier it is to plan for that situation, consider alternatives and ultimately take advantage of the best deal that it is possible to obtain. 

We have worked with many organisations in various stages of development (start up, growth, turnaround) and prepared investment ready business plans which have been used to secure significant levels of both private and public sector investment finance.

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