Do I Need A Finance Director?

Is your turnover above £750,000 per annum?

Do you employ more than 5 staff ?

Do you have the financial expertise you need, as you need it, to drive your business forward?

Do you find it difficult to manage or control all aspects of your business?

These may be the typical indicators and signs of a company that would benefit from working with a finance director, someone who will work within your company to provide valuable financial input to the business.  We know that large companies and PLC’s employ Finance Directors, Financial Controllers and Management Accountants in their finance teams, as well as engaging with external accountants to provide specialist advice.  They do this because it brings added value to their business, having an internal finance professional to maintain control and give them the competitive edge in a wide variety of areas. 

A finance director, as part of your team, on a part time, interim or project type basis could fulfil a similar function to that provided to the large companies and PLC’s and give you an edge over your competition.  A finance director would view your business from a different perspective and will add value in a wide range of areas. 

To see in more detail the areas where our part time finance director and accountancy services can add value to your business, visit our Finance Director Services page. 

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